How to choose a good filter for our vehicle?

A good filter is equivalent to a human kidney, but the current filter market is mixed. How do we choose a good filter for our vehicle? Remember the following six points.

1. Look at the filter paper of the filter element

Generally, genuine filter elements and filter paper have uniform color and texture, relatively flat paper surface, good stiffness, and uniform thickness; however, the filter paper of inferior filter elements is uneven in color and texture, with rough paper surface and poor texture. The filter element made of inferior filter paper cannot effectively filter out impurities harmful to the engine due to the large pore size of the filter paper, poor uniformity, and low filtration efficiency, which may easily cause early engine wear.

2. Look at the adhesive of the filter element

At present, the structure of the filter element is generally composed of filter paper and adhesives, and the adhesive materials of high-quality filter elements and fake filter elements are also different. High-quality filter element, good bonding texture, strong adhesion, uniform coating, strong oil resistance and high temperature resistance. However, the glue of the fake filter element is soft, the texture is poor, the coating is uneven, even the glue leaks and the adhesion is poor. The use of inferior glue can easily lead to weak combination of filter elements and short circuits at joints, which will cause a large number of harmful impurities to enter the engine, damage engine components, and performance, and greatly shorten engine life. What’s more, is there a good manufacturer that uses cement instead of adhesive to make the product bulky, and the surface looks full of materials, but it is actually more harmful.

3. Look at the rubber seal ring of the oil filter

Oil filters and fuel filters usually have rubber seals. The sealing quality directly affects the filtering efficiency and working reliability of the filter. Inferior filters will replace special oil-resistant rubber parts with ordinary or even inferior rubber parts. In use, the failure of the seal will cause serious problems such as air leakage, oil leakage, or internal short circuit, which will cause serious damage to the engine such as burning tiles and crankshaft locking and even serious accidents such as oil leakage leading to spontaneous combustion of the vehicle. High-quality filter, with high-quality seals, oil-resistant and high-temperature resistant, durable and reliable under various complex working conditions. High-quality rubber seals have good elasticity and flexibility, uniform color, smooth surface, and no defects such as pores, burrs, delamination, and cracks.

4. Look at the edge of the air filter sealant

The air filter also has a sealing device, usually a sealing edge made of polyurethane or a sealing ring made of foam rubber. These sealing devices are also very important for the filtration efficiency and working reliability of the air filter. The seals used in high-quality air filters have excellent elasticity and flexibility. For example, for a high-quality plate-type PU air filter, the filter element can be folded in half, and it can be repaired immediately after loosening, and there will be no PU rubber edge breakage or irreparable creases; but for inferior PU air filter products, the PU rubber edge will be more brittle and breaks easily. In addition, the surface of high-quality PU or rubber seals will be smooth without defects such as air holes, delamination, cracks, and burrs.

5. Look at the material of the central tube

Inferior oil filter center tube is thin instead of thick, not strong enough. When in use, due to the lack of support of the central tube, the filter element is sucked out, and the oil passage is blocked, resulting in insufficient lubrication of the engine, which will seriously cause the engine to burn the bearings and lock the shaft. Good quality filter and center tube material should not be too thin. At the same time, the filter is produced by spiral winding and louver opening, which improves the strength of the central tube by several orders of magnitude and ensures reliable quality.

6. Look at the anti-rust treatment

Metal parts such as the filter element end cover, central tube, and shell should be rusted. Missing this step can lead to metal corrosion and impurities in inferior filters, making the filter a source of contamination. What’s more, due to the poor anti-rust ability of the shell, the shell is rusted during use, and oil leakage leads to failure. High-quality filter element, the shell, end cap and other parts are well sprayed or electroplated, the coating or plating is uniform and dense, and the adhesion is strong. Even if it is subjected to strong impact and collision, it will not be damaged or fall off, giving the product a good protection.

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